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From a young age Becky has always enjoyed working with livestock at the family farm in Great Bromley. When she turned 17 she decided to take up an apprenticeship role as a butcher to understand more about the meat she was producing.

Following her apprenticeship Becky travelled Australia to work on a cattle station, there she spent two seasons learning more about livestock.

Returning to the UK Becky's dream was to help people understand about meat, where it was from and what different cuts were available to people. She completed her Advanced level Apprenticeship in Meat and Poultry with M.E.A.T Ipswich in 2015.

In January 2017 Becky's Butchers opened to offer people with livestock the chance to have their meat butchered to a high standard.

In 2021 Becky won the Rising start category of the Women in Meat Industry. A great success achieved. 

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